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ANGELINA ALVAREZ creates luxury statement jewellery.
The designer's love of jewellery was inspired by her grandmother, whom the label is named after. Angelina was born in Spain and epitomises the European style of being immaculately dressed. She would never dream of leaving the house without her lipstick and jewellery. 
The pieces are individually crafted with 24kt gold, rose gold and silver plate, inlaid with semi-precious stones. Every gemstone is carefully selected for its texture, colour and life, making each piece in the collection unique.
Our designer's love of jewellery, especially semi-precious stones, was sparked from a young age when she would play in her mother’s jewellery box (while she wasn’t looking of course). At 7, she was so obsessed with a pair of vintage Chanel pearl drop earrings that she took them to school to admire them all day long. This passion was reignited on a trip she took to Cusco, Peru where the jewellery selection and colours were endless.

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