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Rachel Skarsten seen in Angelina Alvarez Earrings

Posted on October 23 2020

Rachel Skarsten seen in Angelina Alvarez Earrings

Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten wearing the Aquata earrings while being interviewed on a panel about The CW series Batwoman. Rachel Skarsten has also worn other Angelina Alvarez pieces such as the Battina earrings and Helena earrings which can be seen featured on her Instagram.


The Angelina Alvarez Aquata earrings worn by Rachel Skarsten above are plated in 24kt gold and feature in our Atlantis collection. The Aquata earrings are also hand modelled in the shape of coral and include a silver backing and post for a hypoallergenic fit. They have also been worn by celebrities such as Sarah Harris, Alexandra Nation, and Yummy Mummies stars Rachel Watts and Iva Marra.


Rachel Skarsten, 35, is highly regarded for acting in roles such as Dinah Lance on the television series Birds of Prey, Queen Elizabeth in Reign, and Beth Kane in Batwoman. Rachel Skarsten has acted in multiple shows aired on the CW, a US television network. She has also acted in Bravo’s series The Imposters as character Poppy Langmore.


After Rachel Skarsten starred in Reign alongside Australian actress Adelaide Kane, the two actresses became close friends. In fact, whilst the two played mortal enemies on the CW series, they now consider themselves best friends in real life.


Batwoman first aired on the CW in 2019. Rachel Skarsten starred alongside actresses Ruby Rose and Meagan Yvonne Tandy in the series. Her starring role has earned her praise as its ‘breakout performer’. The show received positive reviews from critics and earned nominations from the GLAAD awards and Queerty awards for its use of LGBTQI representation. Batwoman was renewed for a second season in 2020 which is planned to air to CW in January 2021.


Following in the footsteps of many celebrities, Rachel Skarsten is an advocate for animal welfare and is particularly passionate about the rights of dogs, who she frequently fosters. She is a committed vegetarian and has contributed to many animal rescue organisations throughout her life. Rachel Skarsten even adopted one of her many foster dogs, Hazel, who is a small white dog with mismatched eyes. Hazel was adopted from the LaBelle Foundation and is now a frequent star in Rachel Skarsten’s Instagram photos.


The actress is multitalented with expertise in many of the creative arts. As a child, Rachel Skarsten trained at the Royal Academy of Dance and attended the Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto. A little known fact is that she continues to enjoy painting and creates many high quality paintings in her spare time.


Rachel Skarsten has Canadian-Norwegian heritage as she was born in Toronto to English and Norwegian parents. The actress was married in May 2020 to her boyfriend Alexandre Robicquet in a private ceremony.

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