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Luke and Jasmin on The Block Auction 2020 wearing the Ava Mini Earrings

Posted on November 27 2020

Luke and Jasmin on The Block Auction 2020 wearing the Ava Mini Earrings

Jasmin from the WA Team on the Block wearing the Ava Mini Earrings for the Block auction 2020. Jasmin also wore the Alessandra Mini Earrings in 24k gold for the announcement of the auction order. Jasmin’s outfit was styled by celebrity stylist Emelia Morris.


The Ava Mini Earrings by Angelina Alvarez feature a natural baroque pearl and are plated in 24k gold. The pearl can also be removed for a more understated look. These are a favourite with influencers and have been worn by Kelly Rutherford, Shannon Lawson, Sophie Monk and Shannon Baff. The Alessandra Mini Earrings worn by Jasmin earlier in the finale are handmade earrings that are hypoallergenic and plated in 24kt gold. These earrings have also been worn by Australian singer Emma Sheppard.


Jasmin, 36, was joined by partner Luke, 35, on The Block. The couple originates from Perth and have two children together, Lola, 4, and Sonny, 2. They are currently in the process of renovating their own home. Outside of their time on the Australian television series, Luke runs his own carpentry business and Jasmin is a part-time kindergarten teacher.


On the Block finale, Luke and Jasmin’s 1910 period style house was auctioned off first and earned them an impressive $506,000. With their winnings, the couple say that they plan to pay off the mortgage on their home, invest in a caravan, and potentially even expand their family.


Luke and Jasmin faced controversy on the show after being accused of making a curved bench similar in style to one Daniel and Jade had made. The couple restricted comments on their Instagram account after experiencing harsh criticism from viewers online.


During their time on the Block, the pair lost a significant amount of weight due to the extent of pressure and stress they experienced. Luke and Jasmin also experienced difficulties when plasterers charged them high fees for their work, which created additional challenges for their tight budget.

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