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Bachelorette’s Elly Miles Wears Angelina Alvarez Jewellery on The Bachelor

Posted on October 16 2020

Bachelorette’s Elly Miles Wears Angelina Alvarez Jewellery on The Bachelor

Elly Miles wearing the Angelina Alvarez Florentina earrings and Siren cuff on The Bachelor Australia 2019.


The Angelina Alvarez Florentina earrings worn by Elly Miles above are made with green onyx and plated in 24kt gold. The Siren cuff is also 24kt gold plated and can be worn multiple ways. The cuff has been worn by other influencers such as Rozalia Russian and Abbie Chatfield. The Siren cuff also featured prominently throughout Season 7 of the Bachelor Australia.


Elly Miles, 26, was a participant on Matt Agnew’s season of the Bachelor. During her season, Elly Miles was well liked by the public for her bubbly personality and kind heart. She made it to the top 5 before shockingly being eliminated right before hometowns.


Thankfully, Elly Miles is beginning a new romance adventure of her own alongside her sister Becky Miles - as the first duo Bachelorettes. The first episode of their season premiered on Channel 10 on the 7th of October.


The sisters have already reported that they ‘both pick a fella at the end’, causing speculation over who the lucky men will be. Viewers believe footballer Joe Woodbury to be an early frontrunner in the series as Elly Miles has dated him in the past. Eagle eyed fans have been quick to spot that Elly has previously commented on his Instagram posts, leading some to ponder whether she specifically requested his presence on the Bachelorette.


Elly Miles and her sister are both known for their country upbringing in Parkes, NSW, and their girl-next-door charm. Becky Miles has since relocated to Newcastle and Elly Miles to Bondi, where she was hoping to secure work as a nurse in a local hospital.

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